Faculty of Law & Literature

Faculty of Law & Literature


The Faculty of Law and Literature covers a wide range of fields in humanities and social sciences. It consists of about 75 faculty and 900 undergraduate students. As a small-scale university, there are close relationships between students and teachers. Students can acquire a broad range of knowledge according to their interests, which will be useful in their future lives. Compared to a large-scale university, students have more opportunities to study abroad. There is a close relationship between the faculty and local communities, and students actively participate in city planning in local NPO activities.

Graduates find teaching positions at junior and senior high schools, employment in government offices and companies as well as other positions.


Law and Economics Socio-cultural Studies Language and Culture
  Study on Contemporary Society

History and Archaeology

Study on Welfare Society
Japan and East Asian Languages and Culture

English and European Languages and Culture

Creation and Understanding Culture


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