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Language and Culture/Socio-cultural Studies


In response to the needs of an internationalized and information-oriented society, this course is designed to foster students who can analyze and resolve real problems such as intercultural exchanges and conflicts. In addition, it is designed to improve the abilities of students who are involved in academic research on comparative studies of cultures based on their language program of choice, i.e. Japanese, Chinese, or English, and its literature.


Faculty members


SHIMOFUSA, Toshikazu Prof. Japanese Literature: Literature in the Kamakura and Muromachi Periods
ASHIDA, Koichi Prof. Japanese Literature: Literature in the Hei-an Period
TAGOMORI, Hiroshi Prof. Historical Study of Dialect in Edo-period Research on Dialectical Vocabulary in Edo-Period
TAKEDA, Nobuaki Prof. Japanese Literature: Criticism and Novels in the Meiji and Taisho Eras
TANAKA, Norio Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Japanese Literature: Literature in the Edo Period


TOSAKI, Tetuhiko Prof. Chinese Literature: Chinese Classical Poems
YOUGI, Junichi Prof. Chinese Literature: Chinese Classical Novels & Dramas


HAYATSU, Yoshio Prof. Comparative Culture and Literature: Graham Greene and the Problems of Belief
NISHINO, Yoshiaki Prof. Elizabethan Drama
HIROSE, Kozo Prof. Grammar and Usage in Contemporary English, Discourse Analysis
IGAKURA, Makoto Assoc.Prof. African American Literature
MENKING, Scott Assoc.Prof. Investigations of Social and Cultural Issues through the Use of English


MINAMI, Tsutomu Prof. German Literature: Literature in the 19th Century, especially H.V. Kleist
NISHIWAKI, Hiroshi Assoc.Prof. Literature and Culture of German-speaking Countries in the 19th Century, Intercultural Studies between Japan and German-speaking Countries
HAMANAKA, Haru Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. German Literature and Culture in the 18th Century
YUKUSHIGE, Kohei Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. German Linguistics, Generative Phonology
OZONO, Masahiko Assoc.Prof. German Linguistics
IKEDA, Masatoshi Prof. French Literature: Charles Baudelaire and His Spiritual Kinsmen
SHIMAMOTO, Koji Assoc.Prof. French Literature: 19th & 20th French Literature.
KANAYAMA, Fumi Assoc.Prof. French Literature in the 19th - 20th Centuries, Comparative Study of Japanese-French Cultures
BACKHAUS, Anke Assoc.Prof. Action-Research, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods in German as a Foreign Language
BOUDERLIQUE, Joel Assoc.Prof. Philosophy and Phenomenology


OGAWA, Takao Prof. Philosophy of Plato and Philo-Alexandrian Philosophy
MASUDA, Kazuhiko Prof. Philosophical approach to ST. Thomas Aquinas
KURATA, Takashi Prof. Descartes and French Philosophy
TANAKA Kazuma Assoc. Prof. Studies in ethics


NISHIDA, Kaneshi Assoc. Prof. Art History: Image and Meaning

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