Law and Politics

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Law and Economics

This course is intended to improve the abilities to identify, analyze and solve legal and political problems that arise in public policymaking, administration and management in contemporary society. The design of the course is intended for students in preparation to be legal and administrative experts.

Faculty members

 MAKITA, Yukito  Prof. Ph.D.  International Law
 ENDO, Syozo  Prof. Ph.D.  Social Law/Labor Law
 OGAWA, Takekazu  Prof.  Civil Law
 EBUTCH, Takehiko  Prof.  Civil Law
 FUJITA, Tatsuro  Prof.  Constitutional Law
 ASADA, Ryosaku  Prof.  Civil Law/Economic Law
 ORIISHI, Masakazu  Prof.  Japanese Legal History
 UMEDA, Yutaka  Prof.  Criminal Law
 MATSUMOTO, Kohei  Assoc.Prof.  Civil Law
 TAMURA, Tatsuhisa  Assoc.Prof. Ph.D.  Administrative Law/Local Government Law
 OSAWA, Hikaru  Assoc.Prof.  Administrative Law
 UEMATSU, Kenichi  Assoc.Prof.  Constitutional Law
 MAIGUMA, Koichi  Assoc.Prof.  Public Administration
 OKUYA, Takeshi  Assoc.Prof.  Tax and Financial Law

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