Regional Economics

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Law and Economics

The objective of this course is to cultivate practical knowledge and the ability to handle problems concerned with the regional economies, industrial enterprise, financing, statistics, and surveys.


Faculty members

YOKOTA,Yasuko Prof. World Economics: Theory and Structure of World Economy
KAWASHIMA,Takashi Prof. Economics of Welfare: Welfare Society and Economic Development
HIROSIMA,Kiyosi Prof. Regional Statistics: Regional Demography and Historical Demography
NAKABAYASHI,Yoshiyuki Prof. Ph.D. Regional Economics: Regional Industries
ITO,Mitsuo Prof. Money and Banking: Theory of Credit and Securities
NODA, Tstuo Prof. Infonomics: Economic Theory of Information-oriented Society
IINO,Kimio Assoc.Prof. Economic Policy: Fiscal Policy,Regional Policy
ISHIKAWA,Tsuyoshi Assoc.Prof. Economic Theory: Principles of Economics
UEZONO,Masatake Assoc.Prof. Economic Policy: Environmental Economics

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