CHEYNE, Peter(チェイニ,ピーター)

  • 准教授
  • 言語文化学科 英米言語文化研究室(2017年度以降)/英米・ヨーロッパ言語文化分野
  • 大学院 言語・社会文化専攻 言語文化コース


 British Romanticism (especially S. T. Coleridge); British and American Modernism; Philosophy of Literature; Aesthetics; Intellectual History.


 イギリス文学基礎演習、イギリス文学特殊講義、イギリス文学応用演習、 英米の文学、 イギリス文学特別演習、 英語表現基礎演習、 イギリス文学講義



 The study of Literature and Culture is important, because it is through poems, essays, and novels that some of the deepest insights into the meaning and value of our lives and the world are transmitted. While sciences like Medicine teach how to preserve life, and Engineering how to make life more efficient and convenient, Literature is concerned with the knowledge of what our life means, and what it is to be here and human.



 I moved from England to Japan in 2002 and have taught at universities in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, and Kyoto, before moving to Matsue. I have a PhD from Durham University, England, and specialize in the intersection of Literature and Philosophy, especially concerning British Romanticism. In my courses we will explore such themes as love, freedom, the human spirit, beauty in nature and in art, and such thoughts and feelings that move between life and death.